Ah the dilemma of us all! I've been round the houses with the art/money conflict. I found, as a YouTuber / Patreon user that asking for money put a pressure on my creativity that I didn't like. I found separating the art and money (basically having a day job that pays the bills and somehow leaves enough time to be creative) allows a freedom (and maybe safety?) I didn't have before. And yes, the art wants to go out into the world. In her book 'Make Your Art No Matter What' Beth Pickens talks about this author called Henry Dirger, who wrote long elaborate fantasy novels but never showed them to anyone. They were discovered after his death. That seems like a tragedy to me..!

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It's definitely a dilemma that has affected artists from the very beginning - I take comfort that even da Vinci and Dali had to wrestle with this balance between personal and commercial!

and I love that book by Beth Pickens - a great hopeful read!

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